Deepstream 4.0.1 osd for sample configs does not show


The following was tried on Jetson Nano with the newest sd card image, L4T 32.2.1. All installation steps were followed at

deepstream-app -c source8_1080p_dec_infer-resnet_tracker_tiled_display_fp16_nano.txt 

deepstream-app -c source1_csi_dec_infer_resnet_int8.txt

Config files are not altered.
In both cases, there is no osd. Terminal output is normal and similar to deepstream 4.0. Anyone experiencing this issue?

edit: Both configs was working fine for deepstream sdk 4.0.

We have verified all samples on r32.2.1 + DS4.0.1. It should work fine by default. Please check if you have set up the environment correctly:

If you have inspected all and still hit the issue, you may try clean re-flash through sdkmanager.

I also seem to encounter this problem, both terminal outputs are normal but no window with the video actually shows up.

Can’t see why, would love your help!

Hi rapatbarak,

Are you trying with r32.2.1 + DS4.0.1?
Please help to file a new topic with more details of your issue, we will support through there.