Deepstream 4.0 Jetston TX2 CSI (onboard) camera capture

Due to Deepstream 4.0 library ability to process video streams in easy way (at least it’s looks like), use it for camera stream capture seems like right way to go BUT i haven’t found any sample/example HOW TO:
It was mentioned that this abiblity was available for Xavier since Deepstream 3.0.
Is it possible for Jetson TX2? Can someone provide some information about it?
PS i’m looking for a solution for in-source code usage, no separated external utils are allowed.

We have sample config file for it. Please check source1_csi_dec_infer_resnet_int8.txt

tnx for advice
I was looking for some simple example csi camera usage (without any extra functionality) and miss that config’s, but still it is a good place to start i assume.