DeepStream 5.0 input RTSP stream time stamp error

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Jetson AGX Xavier
• DeepStream 5.0 release

Hello, I use yolov3 demo in deepstream5.0 for object detection. The input is a RTSP playback stream with H264 codec from a Network Video Recorder(NVR). the uri of this stream contains a time stamp to choose a certain time of this playback stream. The config file and the stream uri are as follow:

Which is means I want to get the stream from the 2020,10,29 to 2020,10,29 13:50.
But the time stamp seems have effort for deepstream, It still get the stream from the begining. the stream of deepstream output is as follow:

2020,10,18 is my begining time of this NVR stream

But at the same time,I use VLC player to visit this original playback streams(same as the deepstram input), the time stamp is vaild, which is as follow:

Could you please give some suggestion of this error? Or is deepstream unsensitive for rtsp time stamp?

GStreamer rtspsrc( is implemented with RTSP spec(, there is no definition of such NVR format.