Deepstream 5.0, unable to set bg_color for NvOSD_CircleParams

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I can’t seem to set the background color for a circle using the NvOSD_CircleParams.

Setting the has_bg_color = 1; in the below structure does not seem to do anything…


 * Holds circle parameters to be overlayed.
typedef struct _NvOSD_CircleParams {
  unsigned int xc;   /**< Holds the start horizontal coordinate in pixels. */

  unsigned int yc;    /**< Holds the start vertical coordinate in pixels. */

  unsigned int radius;  /**< Holds the radius of circle in pixels. */

  NvOSD_ColorParams circle_color;
                        /**< Holds the color parameters of the arrow box. */

  unsigned int has_bg_color;   /*< Holds a Boolean value indicating whether
                                   the circle has a background color. */

  NvOSD_ColorParams bg_color;  /*< Holds the circle's background color. */

  unsigned int reserved; /**< Reserved for future use; currently
                            for internal use only. */

} NvOSD_CircleParams;

Have you set the bg_color field?

yes, I just confirmed that I’m setting both circle_color and bg_color to the same RGBA values

I’ve also noticed that the NvOSD_CircleParams are relative to the Tiler’s dimensions (if you used), where as the other text and shapes are relative to the Stream-muxer dimensions.

This is noticeable when you scale the Tiler output… everything scales correctly, except for the circle. I will create a new topic if I can’t find anything currently open for this.



Have you managed to set the background color for OSD circles? I’m having the same problem…

Thanks in advance

Same problem, also when ever circle has radius greater than 1 and goes close to the edge of display, it crashes.

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@kayccc I believe you marked this issue as solved, but as @santiago.garcia1 and @abrar.shahriar both confirm, this is still an issue.


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There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

Hey @rjhowell44, could you share we a demo to repro the issue?

Same problem. Also, as @rjhowell44 mentioned, NvOSD_CircleParams are relative to the Tiler’s dimensions not the muxer’s.