DeepStream 5.1 NVDCF Tracker default configuration

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**• AWS EC2 g4dn.xlarge
**• DeepStream 5.1
**• TensorRT
**• NVIDIA-SMI 455.23.05 Driver Version: 455.23.05 CUDA Version: 11.1
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We have been running the deepstream-app with no tracker file (tracker_config.yml). On the command line we get the following warning:
!!![WARNING] Can’t open config file …tracker_config.yml). Will go ahead with default values

Where can we get the default values of the tracker configuration parameters?

Default values are:

m_useUniqueID = true;
m_maxTargetsPerStream = 99; 

m_useHog = true;
m_useColorNames = true;
m_useHighPrecisionFeature = true;
m_featureFocusOffsetFactor_y = 0.0f;

m_filterLr = 0.15;
m_gaussianSigma = 0.75f;
m_peakCorrLr = 0.1f;
m_lambda = 5.f / 100.0f;
m_featureImgSize = 72;

m_SearchRegionPaddingScale = 1;
m_modelMaskingWindowFactor = 2;

The actual parameter should be tuned according to the actual video content.

Great, many thanks Fiona!

Fiona, would you have the yml version of this?

Fiona, would you have the default values for DS 5.0? Thanks and regards


There is no change of default values from DS5.0 to DS5.1


thanks for your feedback. However the list of parameters that you sent is not fully in line with the list of parameters on the tracker_config.yml that is coming with the isntallation of DS 5.1. As an example, on the tracker_config.yml we have featureImgSizeLevel, but this parameter is not on your list. Like this, there are some other cases for which I do not know what is the default value.

Thanks again for your support and best regards

Some of the parameters are reserved, you can not config and change them.

ok, thanks