Deepstream 6.0 release date

Is there a likely release date for Deepstream 6.0 yet?

Very limited information about it and I don’t seem to be able to sign up for notifications - membership required even though I am already logged in, is there another level of membership I haven’t got?

Currently on Deepstream 4.02 and trying to decide if its worth updating to 5 or whether I should wait and go straight to 6


Hi cdevd,

That’s targeting to release at Q3, please wait for our announcement.

thanks kayccc

will there be a migration procedure from 4.0.2 to 6? will that be possible?

Will jetpack 4.6 be required to run Deepstream 6 or will it run on 4.5 as well?

Yes, each DS release required corresponding JetPack release.

I just installed jetpack 4.6 and discovered DS 6.0 is not part of that…it’s now Q3…any update by chance (or jetpack with ubuntu 20.04 😀)

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Hello @kayccc , Q3 has just finished.
Is there an expected release date for DS 6 known at this stage ?

In coming weeks. Please wait for our announcement.

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