DeepStream 6.0 sample test app not showing video windown

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I compiled the sample app localted in


but while executing the sample the window of the sample stream is not showing

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Where did you run from? terminal or desktop? any error you met?

I was running on a Desktop machine with dGPU, RTX2080, installed.

Any error you met?

not really, everything works fine in the console, the precomiled samples could work as well.

but compiling the test apps can not show the windows after generate the engine files

Did you run precompiled app and compiled app using same model?

Yes I did try with same model and engine

Precompiled app and compiled app is same, not sure where goes wrong, you can add GST_DEBUG=3 before app to get more info.

Thanks for the reply, GST_DEBUG shows that we have chosen a wrong stream source. It worked fine after change the stream to 720p.h264

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