Deepstream Alternative

I choose deepstream for my company driving assistant project (base on jetson) …
but my colleagues almost always nag me about it…
*) sources are not fully available…
*) It was not developed for serious industrial aims…
*) it has many dependencies…
*) it uses all resources and no other app can run on board…
*) changes are really fast and sometimes without backward compatibility

base of these I have two questions:

  1. witch of these is right from your view point?
  2. what is best way if they force me to stop using deepstream? I really appreciate complete detail answer.
    Thanks in advance

any answer?

Moving this topic to the Deepstream SDK forum for greater visibility.

DeepStream is an open platform SDK that has been used by hundreds of customers to deploy products commercially. While DeepStream has multiple examples that are provided as source-code, the SDK itself is not released as open-source software.
DeepStream accelerates the entire pipeline required for AI and CV applications and this drives multiple dependencies as this is a complex problem.
Can you share additional details on the resource utilization comment? Which board are you using? What software are you running?
DeepStream backward compatibility to DeepStream 4.0 should be no issue. We always provide migration guides to help. Is there any specific issue you are having that you can share on this area? From which version to which version are you trying to move?
As a reminder, we have an Early Access program on-going for DeepStream 6.0.
Finally, we plan to keep a healthy cadence of releases to ensure we enable DeepStream developers with latest AI and CV use-cases allowing great products and differentiation.