Deepstream and Rust

Are there any resources for integrating GStreamer applications built with gstreamer-rs? While using elements such as nvinfer in a pipeline constructed in Rust is trivial, I am looking for insight on how easy it is to use a header such as gst-nvdssr.h with a Rust application.

Unfortunately No, there is only C and Python support.

Can you tell us why you need to implement with Rust?

We would like to write as much code as possible in Rust for engineering driven reasons. This blog from BitBucket summarizes the key ones well. We are able to develop in C/C++ as well and a lack of Rust support is not a major blocker for us. I thought it was worth asking as the GStreamer ecosystem in recent years has adopted Rust fairly heavily and now even ships plugins written in Rust. I am not sure if any Rust support is on the roadmap for DeepStream (or if such a roadmap is publicly available) but it would definitely be great to see. There are a number of workarounds and alternatives to native Rust support if not though. Thanks for taking the time to follow up and let me know if there is any further context I can provide.

Thank you for providing the information. Currently we do not have plan to develop Rust DeepStream.

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