Deepstream-app crash with nvbufsurface: NvBufSurfaceSysToHWCopy error

Waiting for fix from NVIDIA.

I’m starting to believe this is happening because of the NVIDIA Driver. Earlier I was using the DS4.0.2 docker image on Driver version 440.x.x. Now after updating to 450.x.x, even the DS4.0.2 is crashing.

I downgraded my driver and CUDA Version. Seems it’s running normally for now.

Good to know. I hope this gives some clues to NVIDIA to fix the issue ASAP.

yes, we have confirmed the issue is from CUDA driver, we are fixing it.
As WAR, please use driver < 450.
Sorry for the inconvinence caused!


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is there any updates on this issue? is it fixed in new drivers like 460 and 470 ?

I can verify that DS 5.1 is working on NVIDIA Driver 470.57.02.

I have an issue with DS 5.1 when running it on 20 sources it keeps crashing with the same message and another message

GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 22:04:01.099: gst_memory_get_sizes: assertion 'mem != NULL' failed
GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 22:04:01.099: gst_memory_get_sizes: assertion 'mem != NULL' failed
[2:59 PM] deepstream_cpp exited with code 139

I have described the full issue at this topic it also happens with deepstream-test3-app when running it with the 20 sources.

do you have any clue ? @marmikshah

Thanks for help in advance.