Deepstream closing itself - "unity-panel-ser" failed

Xavier agx
jetpack 4.3
DS 4


I am experiencing a problem where deepstream will crash and return to the desktop without warning or message - it happens randomly: sometimes it will run for 24 hours without problem, but sometimes only a couple of hours before it crashes

I always get the same unity-panel-ser failed message in the syslog

Apr 26 20:11:09 jetson unity-panel-ser[7372]: window_menu_model_new: assertion 'BAMF_IS_APPLICATION(app)' failed

Apr 26 20:11:09 jetson unity-panel-ser[7372]: track_menus: assertion ‘IS_WINDOW_MENU(menus)’ failed

Apr 26 20:11:09 jetson unity-panel-ser[7372]: menus_destroyed: assertion ‘IS_WINDOW_MENU(wm)’ failed

when it happens I am able to restart deepstream and it runs will again for an unknown amount of time

Any help to stop this from happening would be much appreciated

thanks Chris

Somebody moved this to the deepstream section but I’m not convinced its a deepstream problem, I think it’s possibly an ubuntu/unity Xavier problem

thanks chris

Hey customer,
Could you try to use latest DS5.1 and Jetpeck to see if it can work, following Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.1.1 Release documentation

I’m not able to change over the latest version at the moment

Are there any issues using changing from unity to ubuntu(gnome) for the desktop manager?


Are you using Jeston or dgpu?

Xavier agx dev kit

Any reason you cannot use latest jetpeck and DS?

I plan to change over to the latest version when I am able but I cannot do that at the moment.

Not least because I don’t have the unit with me, I only have remote access

Also I still need to investigate the process of converting from DS4 to 5, at the moment the program can be restarted immediately and it will run for a few hours before crashing. Removing the unit, converting to DS5 and reinstalling will cause major problems to the testing

whilst it is running the system is working well, if I use a tee the output logs from the app show no information. The log just stops with no error messages.

I’m not sure its deepstream that’s failing, I think its something else.

Many thanks Chris

Any other suggestions for this? Or things I can do to try and locate the problem?


Maybe you can export GST_DEBUG=3 or 4 to enable more logs, more importantly, it’s better to use the latest DS and Jetpack. I guess upgrade Jetpack is useful if the error is from low-level libraries or kernel

Thanks, will give this a try

The unity-panel-ser failure seems to be telling me that deepstream closed but doesnt tell me why

Will GST_DEBUG provide additional information not shown in serial console, dmesg, syslog or kern.log? Which al provide no information.

Thanks chris

This will print some log from gstreamer core libs

Started a new topic for different error


Sorry looks like I need to continue this topic after all - my apologies

the error I am getting is

What does this error mean? Hw do I fix it?

Thanks Chris

GPUassert: the launch timed out and was terminated /dvs/git/dirty/git-master_linux/deepstream/sdk/src/utils/nvdcf/src/modules/cuDCF/ 377

28:09:25.594245376 e[332m22507e[00m   0x55bc5e2e80 e[31;01mERROR  e[00m e[00m             nvinfer gstnvinfer.cpp:511:gst_nvinfer_logger:<primary_gie_classifier>e[00m NvDsInferContext[UID 1]:queueInputBatch(): cudaMemcpyAsync for output buffers failed (cudaErrorLaunchTimeout)

28:09:25.594301792 e[332m22507e[00m   0x55bc5e2e80 e[33;01mWARN   e[00m e[00m             nvinfer gstnvinfer.cpp:1098:gst_nvinfer_input_queue_loop:<primary_gie_classifier>e[00m error: Failed to queue input batch for inferencing

Hey customer,
Are you still using the old DS version?

yes, I have not been able to update yet

Hey customer, is this still need help, I would suggest to upgrade to latest DS version if yes since we will not fix issue on old version


Haven’t been able to update yet but an making arrangements for that to happen

Don’t expect any changes/investigations to be made for old version.

I just want information about the problem if you have any thoughts and potential steps to try and fix


Hey customer, we didn’t observe such issues, so cannot give some detailed guidance for how to fix it.
As I mentioned before, we won’t give patch for old version, so I would suggest to close this topic and create a new topic if the issue can repro on new DS version.