Deepstream doesn't give expected Mask-RCNN output

I don’t understand why do you rename the uff file. Does this sample automatically search for mrcnn_nchw.uff and create an engine file out of it ?
cp {res101-holygrail-ep26.uff} mrcnn_nchw.uff

even though we explicitly mention our engine +model-engine-file=./mrcnn_nchw.uff_b1_gpu0_fp32.engine


The configure file reads the mrcnn_nchw.uff file.
You can also update the configure file to the corresponding uff file path.



Setting up the uff path can force Deepstream to convert the uff file into TensorRT engine to avoid compatibility issues.


Hi, thanks for all the helpful replies.

Can you also tell me how do the different components of the application

  1. deepstream_custom.c or
  2. NvDsInferParseCustomMrcnnUff (defined in nvdsinfer_custombboxparser_mrcnn_uff.cpp) and
  3. deepstream/gstreamer)

Stitch together ?

I can see the custom_parser compiled in the MAKEFILE provided within the directory and it replaces the default parser by specifying in pgie_mrcnn_uff_config.txt. But I fail to find any reference to the custom parser being used post-inference, defined anywhere in the deepstream_custom.c.

Please help me understand.

Ok so after studying GStreamer, I understand that the custom parser is simply an element in the entire pipeline, created by parsing the pgie config file. The following snapshot explains how it connects to the rest of the pipeline.
Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 3.09.48 PM

Hey @AastaLLL sorry to bring this up again even though this issue is resolved.

Just wanted to confirm if during your test, were you able to overlay the mask on the result ? In my case, all I get it the bounding box. I am aware that there are methods to save the mask from within the parser’s script but is there any other way that you used ?

Suggest to open a new topic for oher issues. Thanks