DeepStream for Video Analytics lab envirom,ent without reformating the SD Card?

I’ve got my nano setup with a USB SSD drive, an really like the way it is setup and responsive. I finished the intro course on AI with the Jetson Nano, and now want to work through the “DeepStream for Video Analytics on Jetson Nano” course.

Is it possible to get the course materials / environment installed without re-imaging my drive?

All I have found is a link to an image to format onto a SD card.


For installing DeepStream SDK, you would need a host PC with Linux OS and install SDKManager. So that you can install the package. Please take a look at

I have jetpack 4.4 and deepstream 5.01 installed, where do I find the course materials? I do not see the jupyter notebook files in samples.


We have pythons samples on github:

Please take a look.