Deepstream fps printed on the console is different from the stored video

I’m using Deepstream to do object detection on a sample video, on the console the avr. speed is printed as 25 fps, but when I check the stores output video it is 10 fps, can you give me some hints why is this happening? and which one is the speed of the pipeline end to end?

Please provide a method so that we can reproduce the isue. Like a config file for deepstream-app, or a patch on either deepstream-testX sample.

And information about your hardware and software(ex: Jetson Nano/r32.3.1 + DS4.0.2)

Thank you very much for your reply, I figured out what was the problem, it was something wrong with the setting of the camera so the input was 10 fps that’s why the I kept getting 10 fps as an output as well.

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