Deepstream inference run error on Xavier NX by using 3 USB cameras and peoplenet34 model!

I’m using 3 USB camera on Xavier NX, by using python deepstream program. The nvinfer model is TLT pretrained model - Peoplenet-Resnet34. There are 3 USB cameras on My Xavier NX. I opened 2 terminals and run python deepstream program in each ternimal (USB camera 0 and 1), that’s OK. But when I opende the 3rd terminal, and run python deepstream program to make USB camera 2 analysis, the program run error. the screeshot is below.

BTW, the program have nvtracker, and in order to acquire 1920*1080 USB video stream, it use jpegparse and jpegdec gstreamer elements.

pls. help to debug, many thanks.

when issue happened, could you capture and share the kerne log?

Command to capture kerne log:
$ dmesg