Deepstream: Latency between image capture and muxer source timestamp

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I’m running the standard deepstream 4.0 yolov3 in which I save the files to output folder. But I’m using a logitech c920 usb camera at 30 fps as input.
The camera is focussed on the Xavier screen which has a terminal just showing the system timestamp. (I’m using an AMOLED display for minimal onscreen latency)
I’m comparing the timestamp seen in the saved image to that of the ‘muxer in’ timestamp reported from NV_ENABLE_COMPONENT_LATENCY=1.
This shows a huge latency (around 200ms) for image capture and decoding. I’ve done all the speed up things like jetson clocks, max power mode etc.
Any ideas why the decode latency is so high, or is it a problem with the transfer into the buffer from the camera?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

I created a new post to specify it is still the case under DS6. Thanks

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