Deepstream NPP image processing examples

Are there any NPP image processing examples for Deepstream? How would one go about using NPP on the frames in the pipeline?

We do have plugins which do frame conversion and scale processing which will call NPP low level library, but they are not open sourced.

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But you can refer to cuda sample, hope you can get some idea. /usr/local/cuda/samples/7_CUDALibraries/jpegNPP/

This sample demonstrates a simple image processing pipeline. First, a JPEG file is huffman decoded and inverse DCT transformed and dequantized. Then the different planes are resized. Finally, the resized image is quantized, forward DCT transformed and huffman encoded.

Thanks! But how do I place this in the middle of the deepstream pipeline? What is the best way without causing bottlenecks?

You need to do some customizaion according to your needs.

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