Deepstream Python Application without display

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson Nano)
• DeepStream Version 5.0
• JetPack Version 4.4
• Issue Type: Question

Hello everyone!

So I am running a custom deepstream python application (derived from deepstream_imagedata and deepstream_tracker applications) on the Jetson, which is really computationally expensive and I would like to run it without the video output. I googled around and discovered that I could do that by typing “unset DISPLAY” into the terminal before starting my python application. The problem is: I have to unset the display environment variable before I can run my application every single time I open a new terminal. Is there a way to unset the variable permanently? I tried looking for the environment variable in the /etc/environment file but the only variable in that file was the “PATH” variable.
Thanks in advance.

  1. I would suggest you modify the pipeline and exclude the display-related elements and sinks…
  2. Have you tried removing the env var at the beginning of the script? eg:
    import os

(before all other imports)

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import os

Thanks, that worked!