DeepStream, RIVA and ROS in NVIDIA SDK Manager

I need to use DeepStream SDK and RIVA SDK with ROS.
I know that DeepStream SDK is included in JETPACK 4.6.

Q1) Do I need to separately install the RIVA SDK and ROS on JETPACK 4.6?
If Yes then which ROS distribution is supported by JETSON 4.6? ROS (Noetic, Melodic or Foxy, Humble)

Q2) Is there any NVIDIA SDK that include the ROS?

Q3) Is there any Jetpack that include the ROS ?

Q4: Does NVIDIA SDK Manager (link is given below) has all the SDKs in it including DeepStream, ISAAC, RIVA?
Q5: Does NVIDIA SDK Manager also include the ROS?
NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer
Q6: On my Jetson Xavier NX, JETPACK 4.6 is installed. Can I use NVIDIA SDK Manager at the top of the JETPACK 4.6?

Thank You

Hi @samgithub1, yes you need to separately install RIVA SDK and ROS on JetPack 4.6 - these are not installed by SDK Manager.

Since JetPack 4.6 uses Ubuntu 18.04, you can install ROS Melodic from apt by following the instructions from For Noetic, Foxy, and Humble (which only have pre-built apt packages for Ubuntu 20.04/22.04), it’s recommended to use the ROS containers from

Thank you for quick response and guidance.

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