Deepstream RTSP out over IPv6

Setup :
• Jetson Nano
• Deepstream 6.0
• Jetpack 4.6.2
• used deepstream_app

I’m trying to publish rtsp stream over IPv6 using deepstream_app.
It working fine in my IPv4 network but not in IPv6
I can use IPv6 for RTSP in and I can ping the jetson over IPv6 network

I tried to change default gstreamer multicast ipv4 adress “” to different multicast IPv6 adress (link-local, global multicast,…) but none of them worked.

Can you tell me if it is possible to use IPv6 RTSP out with deepstream ?


It is possible. Please refer to gstreamer community.

gst-rtsp-server/rtsp-stream.c at master · thaytan/gst-rtsp-server (

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