DeepStream SDK Docs in detail ?

Hi we are trying to build Computer Vision product keeping DeepStream SDK in mind. We played enough with samples and confident enough to build a POC to meet client requirement.

So, we need entire documentation of it. The one which comes with DeepStream SDK 1.5 is not suffcient(It talks only about the Samples, but we are intersted in deepstream.h file and adding custom pipelines) to build our own pipe lines. It would be great if you provide us any documents which points how to implement those Interfaces in details(One Such Interface is IModule).


Currently, we only have one document for DeepSteam SDK.

You can find some interface detail in our sample explanation.
Ex. an implementation example for IModule

// user-defined module inherits from IModule
class UserDefinedModule : public IModule {
// adding module into pipeline
preModules.push_back(std::make_pair(pInferModule, 0));
UserDefinedModule *pAccurancyModule = new
UserDefinedModule(preModules, g_validationFile, g_synsetFile,
g_nChannels, logger);
assert(nullptr != pAccurancyModule);

Also, you can trace our sample code to get familiar with DeepSteam SDK.