Deepstream SDK installation in Jetson AGX Orin

I have started recently to implement a face detection model in Jeton AGX Orin. I knew then about the deepstream. But i still can’t understand the difference between running codes using deepstream or any other library like tensorRT.
Further, I’m using Jetson AGX Orin with JetPack 5.1 is there any documentation for installing the correct deepstream version?

DeepStream is a SDK that is based on GStreamer, you can leverage different plugins to fasten your development work. The inference is done by nvinfer plugin which is based on TensorRT. With DeepStream you can leverage the input/preprocessing/inference/postprocess/display in a much more convenient way than writing your program based on TensorRT from scratch. More description on DeepStream can be found here: Welcome to the DeepStream Documentation — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation (

The DeepStream version for Jetpack5.1 is DeepStream6.2, you can refer the installation guide for Jetson here: Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation (

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Thank you. The deespstream requires CUDA 11.8 while i’m using CUDA 11.4. I have tried to upgrade CUDA using the following guide CUDA Toolkit 11.8 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer . However last command shows below error and when i check the cuda version using nvcc --version it still shows 11.4

any recommendation how to solve it?

The most convenient to install SDK on Jetson is via SDKManager, you can try to use it to install DeepStream, it will handle the dependencies.

But will this require to reflash the gpu again?

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Do you mean reflash the who Jetson module? It is not needed.
Did you follow steps to install DeepStream on your Orin?
The CUDA version for DeepStream for Jetpack5.1 is 11.4, so it’s not a problem. CUDA 11.8 is for DeepStream on dGPU, not for Jetson.

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