Deepstream support for Centernet?

I have successfully deployed a darknet model and a YOLOV3 model in Deepstream on the Xavier, but now it looks like we want to move to CenterNet models.

Is there currently or are there plans to support CenterNet on deepstream?



Do you mean CenterNet like ?
No such plan for DeepStream.
At a glance, CenterNet requires deformable convolution which is not supported by either TensorRT or DeepSteam (DeepStream wraps TensorRT).

If you want to deploy CenterNet in DeepStream, for now, you need to fistly get CenterNet running with TensorRT. As I said above, deformable convolution is not supported by TensorRT, so you at least need to implement the deformable convolution TensorRT plugin.

Thank you for your response.