Deepstream support on wsl2

• RTX 3060
• DeepStream 5.1
• TensorRT 7.1.1
• Driver = 512
• Question
• OS - Ubuntu 22.04 on WSL2
Error: ERROR from sink_sub_bin_encoder1: Could not open device ‘/dev/nvhost-msenc’ for reading and writing.
system error: No such file or directory
ERROR from sink_sub_bin_encoder1: Could not initialize supporting library.

It’s been quite some time and I have found no fix for this issue, deepstream seems to be working well with fakesink, but with eglsink and filesink I am facing issue. Any new leads on this ?

Note: I have scraped through all the threads and the only fix I have found is replacing nvdecoder with cpu based decoder by sylvain.prevost.

Yes. To use CPU based encoder is the only solution now. The WSL2 is not supported now.

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