Deepstream test app freezed with rtsp camera

No SPS, PPS header is found. So the decoder can not start to work. Please check with your rtsp server vendor(the camera vendor).

Thank you for your help! Can you tell me in which line you get this information?

With “rtph265depay” log, you should got the following lines to tell you that there are SPS, PPS,… headers found in rtp payload.

rtph265depay gstrtph265depay.c:520:gst_rtp_h265_set_src_caps: Copied VPS x of length xx
rtph265depay gstrtph265depay.c:541:gst_rtp_h265_set_src_caps: Copied SPS x of length xx
rtph265depay gstrtph265depay.c:562:gst_rtp_h265_set_src_caps: Copied PPS x of length xx

Can you find these lines in your log?

No, I can’t find anything with VPS, SPS or PPS

So there is no SPS, PPS, VPS in the packets received. That is why the pipeline “freeze”, actually, it is working on the received packets to look for VPS, SPS and PPS, it is not really frozen.

Thank you very much again!