Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

•Hardware Platform - GPU
•DeepStream Version 5.1
•TensorRT Version - 7.2
•NVIDIA GPU Driver Version - 460.27

  • issue : I am using - [primary-gie], [secondary-gie1],[secondary-gie2],[secondary-gie3] all corresponding to pgies- object detector - sgie on CAR - carColor, CarMake, vehicletype respectively.

I am only receiving the object type on my msg broker and no meta data for any of the secondary gie(1,2,3) , I have tried both msg-conv-payload-type=0 and msg-conv-payload-type=1.

this link suggest to look at - Attach meta-data of Secondary GIE from custom parser

gstnvinfer_meta_utils.cpp → attach_metadata_classifier

but it all seems alright to me and couldn’t understand how I can get all the meta data to my broker.

also the answer is not provided clearly.

kindly help.

• How to reproduce the issue ?

from kafka import KafkaConsumer
from json import loads
import uuid
import time
import random
import socket
import json

kafka server address to be hand written

consumer = KafkaConsumer(‘test’,bootstrap_servers=‘’,auto_offset_reset=‘latest’,enable_auto_commit=True,group_id=str(uuid.uuid1()),value_deserializer=lambda x: loads(x.decode(‘utf-8’)))


for event in consumer:
event_data = event.value

Please refer to test5 sample, which demonstrates how to attach custom objects. any custom object as per requirement can be generated and attached like NvDsVehicleObject / NvDsPersonObject. Then that object should be handled in gst-nvmsgconv component accordingly.
check function, generate_event_msg_meta