DeepStream to WebRTC

can you release the code sample for deepstream to NV accelerated webRTC ?

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I’m also interested in finding the most elegant solution for translating WebRTC from deepstream.

There is an open source webrtc bin here as part of gstreamer that you can use, but it’s in the ‘bad’ plugins set and might not be of the same quality of that provided by RidgeRun. You can always work to improve it by adding tests and such.

Network sources/sinks generally can’t be hardware accelerated, but you don’t need them to be. They just shuffle around data that’s already encoded. Source is here:

Hi All,
DeepStream does not have such sample for now.
Thanks for filing this request! However, could you share more informantion about your use case so that we can evaluate it with our teams?

BTW, We provided Jetson accelerated WebRTC -

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I have seen the Jetson accelerated WebRTC,

most of the cases customer wants a web app for analytics, WebRTC allows us to display video with bboxes
in parallel, we can stream video via RTSP to record on NVR