Deepstream tracker id and rstp video stream performance too slow on jetson xavier


I’m currently working in deepstream sdk 3.0( I can able to run deepstream on xavier, when it comes to implement/improvise extra features. we are unnable to proceed. Can you please give me some suggestion and i have few question to imporove and add extra features on deepstream sdk. Please help us to make efficient solution to the end users.

  1. By default SDK comes with tracker. But what i have to plan, tracker id is gonna be flucuating. we needs to maintain unique/same tracker id in the every video streams. is it possible to implement, if it can, is there any configuration needs to change or give me some suggestion on this usecase?

  2. I can able to run rtsp video streams, where as it will not give as we expected, kindof streams lagging on performance level. Is it possible to improve videostream performance?.
    In jetson xavier reatime how many streams can we run without any lagging?

    At the same time i have been already use performance improve metrics on xavier, still rstp performance too slow by using below commands;

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo ~/

Please try ‘sync=0’

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for the response. Yeah its working fine!!. Please help us same on this first question, the tracker id maintain same on every video stream.

  • sameway, when its comes to multi stream camera, the tracker id didn’t display.

The tracker id is accumulating. Once an object leaves and re-enters, it gets a new id.
You may link dsexample plugin and implement your own id-tracking logic.

Sure, I’m completely new to this. can you suggest where i can refer dsexample plugin?.

Please check


Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for the response. sure i will check.

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