Deepstream yolo output on video is showing in compressed form as compare to input video file


I tried to run Yolo Detector in Deepstream (Primary Detector as well as Secondary Classifier) on one video for that I have used Several groups (application,source,tiled-display,osd,sink,streammux,primary-gie,secondary-gie,tests) in Deepstream_app_config file.

But when I saw output video file I observe it compressed the height and width of the video file as compared to the input video file. I am not unable to understand like which Group parameter can resolve this issue.

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Streammux: It will collect frames from sources to form one batch of specified batch-size frames, if the input stream resolution is not same as the streammux resolution, it will scale the input to the specified resolution as set in streammux group.
Tiler: It composites a 2D tile from batched buffers. The plugin accepts batched NV12/RGBA data from upstream components. The plugin composites the tile based on stream IDs, obtained from NvDsBatchMeta and NvDsFrameMeta in row-major order (starting from source 0, left to right across the top row, then across the next row). Each source frame is scaled to the corresponding location in the tiled output buffer.

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