Deepstream360d Smart Parking - Calibration files

Hi, I’m understanding the camera calibration settings of Deepstream360d_Smart_Parking, to be more specific the files nvaisle_2M.csv and nvspot_2M.csv

In these files there are some settings that were not explained in the documentation:

1. What would be the ROI's (numROIPoints ROI_x0 ROI_y0 ROI_x1 ROI_y1 ROI_x2 ROI_y2 ROI_x3 ROI_y3 ROI_x4 ROI_y4 ROI_x5 ROI_y5 ROI_x6 ROI_y6 ROI_x7 ROI_y7) and how to find these values?
2. The values of H (H0 H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8) in a forum question, it was explained that they represent the homography matrix and ideally should not be part of the configuration file, but should be instantiated based on the values of the images. So it is done automatically by some plugin and you don't need to provide these values in the configuration file? Or do we have to calculate and provide them anyway? If so, how to calculate?
3. What is the difference between serial, sensorId, cameraIDString, aisleId/spotId values?


This code is old, don’t work with latest DS releases and it will be deprecated.

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