DeepStream6.2 on Jetson Orin Nano


Does Jetson Orin Nano (NVIDIA Jetson Orin) support DeepStream6.2?

The compatibility table (Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation )does not list Orin nano.

Specifically, I am looking for DeepStream6.2 support for Orin Nano sold here: reComputer J3011-Edge AI Device with Jetson Orin™ Nano 8GB module - Seeed Studio

Orin nano was supported in Jetpack 5.1.1GA(JetPack SDK 5.1.1 | NVIDIA Developer) release, and DeepStream6.2 is supported in JP5.1.1GA, so you can follow the DeepStream document (Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation) to install.
The reason there is no Orin Nao in the list is that DeepStream6.2 was released in early than the launch of Orin Nano, later when Orin Nano launched in JP5.1.1, the corresponding DeepStream document is not updated.

DeepStream 6.2 supports Jetson Orin Nano with some limitations. There is no HW video encoder in Jetson Orin Nano, so neither nvv4l2h264enc nor nvv4l2h265enc is supported in Jetson Orin Nano.

I hope the Orin Nano supports mp4/avi/mov container formats.

Would the jetson family stop supporting the older codecs going forward?

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These are all third party open source plugins. So the HW change will not impatct these functions.

Please refer to Jetson specifications here: Jetson Modules, Support, Ecosystem, and Lineup | NVIDIA Developer

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