Deepvision NGC Container

Hi Team
We constructed the EGX stack in our server and would like to run the deepvision application on our server.
I use Rancher and management the Kubernetes and monitor status.
I obtained the HLML chart provided by NGC and deploy the Deepvision application via the HELM command. I confirmed that I could enter the admin console, but the vehicle did not work because I don’t have the this license. So please confirm the following questions and requests.

・ To Provide us license key for each module
・ Adaptation method after obtaining the license
・ How to deploy each module
→ NGC has only HELM chart to execute Vehicle and console. What should I do with other apps? If you have another HELM chart, please provide it.
Are there other preparations with Kubernetes side before running the application? (For example, prepare PV (storage))
・ When you check the admin console in NGC, the version is old, I want you to provide the latest version and HELM chart where it can run.

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Hi Team,
How about our questions? If do you have update, please reply me.

For video analytics, you might want to use the following to get latest Helm Charts:

Hi smasson san
Thank you for your comment! I will check it.