Defective Jetson

Hi everybody. Does the Jetson has some warranty? I connected my Jetson and everything was working well. However, I had to move it to other place. I connected again the HDMI cable, and I wasn’t getting any signal despite all my efforts, when I saw that one of the pins of the HDMI wasn’t well welded. It went out went I tried to hook up my HDMI cable, I did not force the cable or anything like that when I was plugin it.

Anybody knows where I can send a request. Here are some pictures about the incident.

I don’t wanna try to repair it. It’s brand new. I have turned on twice. Any help here?

Thank you very much.

Many URLs listed here:

This link for contact should work for RMA or for getting instructions for RMA:

If you find more information on that topic I can add it to the sticky thread for URLs.

They told me that they can’t replace it because it is a physical damage. Which is a little bit unfair. It’s clearly a manufacturing problem. Anyways, I repair it myself, I was afraid of damaging the Jetson. However, the pin keeps coming out of the HDMI connector. I’ll might have to replace it all.

try this:

push it back in, apply superglue on top to keep it in place.
solder the pin back to the board.

if this does not help you will need to replace the whole connector
in which case you need someone with hot air station or a similar tool to help you.

Thanks rmamba. I was thinking about it. I have an station at school. So, I’ll might be able to use it if the superglue doesn’t work.

It looks to be a cold joint from a failed wave solder. I would suggest asking them again as it appears to be manufacturing related and not damage from connector insertion…connector insert merely caused the bad wave solder to show up sooner. If you ask prior to repair attempts your odds go up…after you try to repair it you wouldn’t be able to return it.

Hi anfedres,

My opinion is that

  • If the connector pin has physically come off the board and the PCB traces are intact, it is a SMT issue.
  • If there is damage to the PCB traces, this is probably not a warranty repair or replacement.

If the PCB traces are intact and you have not voided a warranty yet ex) soldering by yourself or removing fan+ heat sink, I would suggest you to contact NV again to claim why it is a SMT issue for a warranty repair or replacement.

NVIDIA Support should be able to help. Here’s the process to get an RMA:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Live Chat” from the options near the top of the page.
  3. Enter your personal information.
  4. Select the appropriate product from the drop-down list (“Tegra” in this case).
  5. Submit the request.
  6. If the Service agent is unable to resolve the technical issue, an RMA (Return Material Authorization) will be initiated.

FYI, I added this to the Jetson Links sticky: