Deformation Algorithm Comparision

Hi all,
When simulate deformation, you can use:
Force based method: such as mass spring, FEM
Position based dynamic (PBD)method: such as shape matching
Surface editing method: such as Laplacian surface editing

I currently work on position based method. There are a set of constraints definition in paper “Position Based Dynamics,2006,Matthias Muller”.

I was wondering that what’s the difference between the position based method and surface editing method ? Is the difference is that Surface Editing Method is totally geometry based and PBD are dynamics based ?

PBD have a set of constraints definition to control deformation. The constraints based on distance projection. I was wondering is it ok if i replace these constraints with techniques used in surface eidting such as laplacian surface editing to control and smooth the deformation. For example, I will let shape matching simulate the global deformation and use laplacian operator do the local deformation when collision happens. Is there any disadvantages of doing it like this ?