DEI captured PAL video

On Jetson TX1, I need to capture 6 channels of interlaced PAL(720x576) video frames. Before sending the video frames to GPU for further processing, I need to DE-interlace them. Is the de-interlacing feature in VIC suitable for such task? If yes, how do you suggest I use it?

Hi HooverLv,

We don’t have public software interface for de-interfacing on VIC now. But could you still elaborate your de-interlacing scenario? de-interlace 6 720x576 fields into a frame?

Hi, Vickyy,

4 channels of PAL video are multiplexed into one, and sent through one CSI to the host CPU. At the receiver side, we will demux the data into 4 fields, each of 720x288 pixels. Then we will wait for the next 4-fields coming in. Then DEI the 4 channels of STD PAL video to get 4 channels of progressive video.

The other 2 channels will go through another CSI, passing demux and DEI and we get 2 progressive frames.

I’m wondering if there is any other way we could make use of the DEI on Jetson TX1?

You may need to get the frame via V4L API and then do DEMUX&DEI with CUDA.

I see. Is there any CUDA project that has DEI which we could refer to?

We don’t have DEI cuda sample but you can refer to as sample for the v4l-to-cuda pipeline.