Deinterlace to 50p (60p)

Is it possible to do smooth deinterlacing (50i to 50p or 60i to 60p) using NVIDIA GPUs? I unsuccessfully tried to do that with Tesla K10 and new Pascal (GP107) cards. Have you any comments? If this option is not implemented can we expect it in the future?
Deinterlacing smoothly is becoming necessary option. Even according HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices, the streams should be deinterlaced to 60p or 50p.
1.7. You SHOULD de-interlace 30i content to 60p instead of 30p.
1.8. Live/linear video from NSTC or ATSC source SHOULD be 60 or 59.94 fps.
1.9. Live/linear video from PAL source SHOULD be 50 fps.

The devices which can’t do smooth deinterlacing looks like becoming obsolete. I hope that Nvidia GPU cards are the future for the video transcoding solutions. NVENC developers, take a look at this and thank you for your attention in advance.

Of course the GPUs can do double-rate deinterlacing. After you postprocess the first frame and unmap it, you do this:

// Bobbing.
vpp.second_field = true;
cuvidMapVideoFrame(state->cuDecoder, pPicParams->picture_index, &devPtr, &pitch, &vpp);
cuMemcpyDtoH(pNVdecoded_frame->nv12_frame, devPtr, nv12_size);
cuvidUnmapVideoFrame(state->cuDecoder, devPtr);