delay in time in zed and jetson tk1

I have successfully connected the zed stereolabs camera to jetson tk1 to view the depth map, but unfortunately i faced a large delay around 2 seconds between reality and the recorded video which effects my project. do you have any idea how to decease the delay?

i’ll appreciate your help.
thank you.

Possibly you could renice the program’s priority, or start it via nice, e.g., "nice -1 ". Beware you must have root authority to renice or nice. If -1 is not enough priority, a higher priority (more negative nice level) would most likely cause more problems and not actually help.

thank you for your reply, but I couldn’t get what do you mean by “renice the program’s priority” and how to do that?

“nice” and “renice” are actual commands. renice takes a PID to change the PID’s priority; nice takes whatever your program would normally use to run from on a command line as an argument. “man nice” and “man renice” show how to use them.

Let’s say I wanted to start the program “top” with increased priority (increased to -1…I think negative numbers as a higher priority was chosen because it means it won’t be as nice to other programs…don’t bother trying more negative than -1 or -2, as eventually you starve out functions of the system such as swap or disk access):

sudo nice -n -1 top