Deleted Folders Reappear

Greetings sir/madam,

I manually deleted the extension folders created thru Omniverse Code. After i close the Omniverse Code and reopen it again, it recreates the deleted folders. Please guide me on how to permanently delete those extensions. Thanks in advance.


Hi @salvinravindran. This is expected. The app will still reference the path while it is running. Try:

  1. Clear the extension paths that you want to delete from the extension search paths in the Extension Manager.
  2. Close all Omniverse apps.
  3. Delete the folders.

When you relaunch Omniverse Code, the deleted folders should no longer be recreated.

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I’ve created an internal issue for this to see if we can avoid recreating these paths: OM-79808

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Thank you so much @mati-nvidia

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