Deleted password but still asked for my password. Old password doesn't work. Can't login from GUI.

I met a problem. I want to login automatic, then I used this command:

sudo passwd -d username

The problem is that when i login the system from GUI, it still asked me for my password, I can’t enter with my old password .I find some solution using the command interface, but I use the GUI and don’t know how to convert it into the command interface.

Can somebody helep me? Thanks! TAT

Hi luanluanchenhui,

Please try setup password back? Then you can login success.

$ passwd

If you want login automatic, please refer Topic-1054926 to bypass the account setting and login automatic.

Now i stay in the password login of GUI , and I don’t know how to enter the command interface to use the command:

$ passwd

Hi luanluanchenhui,

Please using UART or terminal mode (press Ctrl+Alt+F2) to setting.

Thank you! I solved this problem!