Deleting multiple assets problem

Hey All

Having an issue with selecting multiple objects in create but for some reason they wont delete if more than one is selected. Just selecting one object deletes it but any more it doesnt work. I`m having to select multiple objects, create a group, then select the group and delete. Any ideas? thanks

Hi Parance,
When selecting objects, it is best to select the full object stack, with the xform above included. You are trying to select multiple lower objects in multiple xforms. This leaves all those xforms behind. Instead use the Shift key to go down those cylinders including the full xforms. That way they should delete clean.

As a side note, why do you have so many single cylinders all with their own xform ? Seems strange. Are you bringing in geometry that way ? Really those should all be part of a sub group of geometry, with one xform.

Thanks for the reply.
Its a scene i`ve inherited. So i needed to delete subobjects out of the group and they arnt labelled or group very well. Theres a parent and then 1600 child objects. When I select them in the viewport which is the only way it selects the lower xform object.
So the only way I can find is to select all the objects, press up to above and group. Then delete them.