Delivery dates in UK?

Anyone knows when the Xavier will start shipping in UK? When I ordered it , the ordering form said it will ship soon after 20th of September, 2018 but not within 11 days of the order, which has long passed. Absolutely no word from NVIDIA. I emailed them, no response. I called their customer service and the lady told me that they have no information about this particular product, they do not give any guarantees on deliveries and it can get shipped anytime within the next 6 months and if I am not at home while it arrives, I get a full refund!

Amazing service! :-(

Hi Santanu,

A friend that lives in France has the same “issue”, he received the same date (20th of September) during his order, and now he is still waiting. Mine has been shipped 12 days after the date “committed”, so be patient, the product will arrive, I understand how it can be difficult to wait ;-)

Have a nice day


You are not alone. I ordered mine on the 29th of August and got the same expected delivery date as you.

I am having to content myself with watching YouTube Videos while I wait.

  • Charles

I am waiting for the Xavier from another UK provider (not directly NVIDIA) with the same situation.
They are claiming that are totally out-of-stock and waiting feedback from NVIDIA regarding the stock status.

I had an email from NVIDIA this morning saying

“Unfortunately, we have experienced an unexpected delay in shipping your NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit order. We’ll be back in touch shortly with your new delivery date.”

So the wait continues …

Hi guys, we’re working diligently to get these out the door to you as soon as possible, sorry for the delay. The webstore will be back in touch soon with your revised delivery dates. Thank you all for your continued patience.

I have just had a shipping before the 16th of Oct email from the NVIDIA store so it is getting closer.

  • Charles