DELL E6420 GF119M NVS 4200M


After installing Cents 7 on my DELL E6420, there was a thermal shutdown.
I decided to uninstall/disable the nouveau driver and installing the NVIDIA official driver (375.66).
After installing it, I rebooted my pc but after login phase, my pc shutdown for thermal problem.
On my PC I’ve also a Windows 7 OS with witch I have NO PROBLEM with my GPU.

Please can anyone help me???
I’ve tried to uninstall nvidia driver, install mod-nvidia*, bumblebee,… after login my pc shutdowns for temperature problem.

This notebook is quite old so it is most likely that the heatsink is full of dust. You will have to disassemble and clean it.
With Windows, the intel gpu is mostly used, with nouveau there is likely no reclocking so it’s running at minimum power but with nvidia-drivers it’s running at max speed so it shuts down early.
Other than that, run and attach output file to your post.