Dell g3 3590, Nvidia GTX 1050, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Recently I bought a dell G3 3590 and installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, the laptop has an nvidia 1050 graphics card, I need to use CUDA, cuDNN and nvidia drivers such as nvidia-smi to perform deep learning. I have been unable to install the nvidia drivers, I have tried several internet methods but the result has not been favorable, even the console does not recognize the hardware of the card and that for me is the most worrisome.
The problem is that when installing the nvidia drivers, when rebooting the system, when trying to log the screen it freezes, I have tried several methods such as the nomodeset (disabling the nouveau generic driver, updating gnrub), ubuntu drivers devices, graphics-drivers / ppa, nvidia drivers autoinstall, I have installed the versions of the nvidia drivers from 375 to 440 and nothing has worked.
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Attachment nvidia-bug-report for analysis.

I have similar problems with the same computer & OS.

(1) first I had problems that the PC would not wake up by moving the mouse: Here is a solution for that by updating the BIOS setting:


(2) If I do not use the PC for a few minutes it will freeze: I suspect the Nvidia configuration is the cause of this.

(3) The external monitor does not wake up after pause: I currently solve that by changing the monitor setting to a new setting and then back again.