Dell M60 & Quadro FX1000 extreme slow

I am using a Dell M60 (2.1GHz) with NVidia Quadro FX1000 (OpenSUSE 12.3 without 3D circus). This is an old computer, but I think, it should be fast enough for 2D applications. But it isn’t. I tried driver 173.14.39 and nouveau. With the original NVidia driver it is unbearably slow. One can accelerate it with nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1, but then graphic output lags for a moment and the processor is busy. This is extreme with firefox.
With nouveau the graphic board becomes very hot but is faster (no 3D because of ShadowFB=true else it lags too). Both options are dissatisfying. I tried different agpmodes, but in vain. Finally I gave up. The computer seemed to be too old.
I became suspicious when I changed the harddisk of an old Dell X300 (1.4GHz, old intel graphics) with an SSD (a quiet computer used for digital audio out). It’s not a rocket, but you can work with it. Even firefox works without problems. So the problem is not caused by processor or system but by the graphic board.
Two days ago I changed the NVidia card of the Dell M60 with an old ATI card (32MB, RV250). Using the radeon driver the old computer works like hell. No delay, nothing. Subjective nearly as fast as my Dell M4300 (modern NVidia driver, 331.38).
So my question: is there a chance of correcting the NVidia driver so that I can use the Quadro FX1000, FX700 or 4200go again? Or do I have to stay with ATI cards?
Thank you!

A short comment. New NVidia boards (desktop boards G210 GT610 with Intel I5) are ok, when one uses new drivers. But the old driver seems to be bad.


Xorg.0.log (122 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (58.1 KB)