Dell PowerEdge T440 with Tesla P40, need driver update for ESXI 7.0U3 upgrade to ESXI 8


We have a new client currently running a Dell PowerEdge T440 with a Tesla P40.
Server was deployed in Sept 2021 and nobody knows where that driver came from (most likely from Dell)
Current installed driver is 410.122

Is anyone aware of a place to download an updated driver compatible with ESXI 8 ?

Thanks !

Sorry, but vGPU is a product that requires licensing. If not having access to the licensing portal you won’t get the drivers

Ironically, that was my first question about a month ago and someone from Nvidia finally told me this morning to ask on the forum to get the drivers…

Dell support have no traces of that client other than the server order so we don’t know who got the drivers back in 2021.

So… What is required in term of licencing for my client ?

There are currently only 2 users using the GPU for 3D rendering using Solidworks/DriveWorks (the company mainly design oil/gas tanks) on a TS server.

Thanks for the quick reply earlier!

Depends on the required driver. If they use/need the Quadro driver which I assume as they use Solidworks then they need 2x vWS license.