Dell Precision T5400 with GTX 280?

Has anyone used dell precision T5400 with GTX 280?

T5400 with FX3700 works fine External Image

I have tried it and did not succeed yet. You will need a 6->8 pin power cable converter

to physically connect the power to the video card (it needs one 6 pin and 8 pin power


When booting, the computer does not properly recognize the card, though

and complains about a PCI error.

I am wondering whether the 6 pin connector does not allow enough power but

don’t know how to check that.

Any other ideas would be helpful!

T3400 with GTX280 works fine.
The problem is that as you stated, there is no 8 pins power connector on the power supply.
I solved this plugging a 6 pins power connector in the 8 pins card connector (at the position where you can plug it), leading in a 6pins+6pins configuration instead of 8+6.
Indeed, the two additional pins of a 8 pins power connector are only ground. But doing this, the card will refuse to boot because it check that the two pins are connected. So I simply connected the two ground pins together.
It worked in my case, but I cant guarantee that you won’t burn you power supply (nor damage your card !) ;-)

Good luck

Just for clarification, you simply connected the two remaining pins on the 8pin connector on the card that are not covered by the 6 pin connector from the power supply?


Yes that’s it. I just connected the two remaining pins on the card.

To do that easily, I used a Molex to 6 pins adapter (generally provided with cards) I cut to get the two pins connector I needed, and connected the two wires together. Here is a picture of the “do it yourself” two pins connector.

I dunno abt GTX 280, But just in case u need, T5400 works perfectly fine with Tesla D870.

The T5400 and C1060 works fine together: I’ve had two of them running for two months with no major problems.