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Hi. I can only see 2 demos in Showroom (Shader Balls and Zen Garden). That’s a bit like having two pictures in a gallery. And it seems a very abandoned place, too… the version of Showroom is 2021.3.0. We are almost in the middle of 2022, so it seems Showroom is dead. Is it?


Bump!! Still waiting - 137 days and counting since OP’s post

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Thanks for you patience! Showroom 2022.1.0 was released last week with 6 new demos. Enjoy!

Only the Jade demo was cool among those 6 new demos, the rest of them was bleak and boring. Screwing on bolts? Flying over empty procedurally generated terrain? Seriously? Where’s the cool water demo, the ray-traced lego buggy and the Squashy spheres demo?? Showroom was advertised as having: deformable body physics, vehicle dynamics, fluid, smoke, fire demos and . Out of all those we only got a boring, non-interactive camp fire demo.

These were teased to us 1,5 years ago, but what we got so far is a fraction of what was promised. What’s going on Nvidia?

What I would like to see in Showroom:
Dip Pool
Piston Buggy
Squashy Spheres
Marbles RTX Night
Some cool interactive flow demos like these ones:

Pretty please?

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Still waiting for the ray-traced buggy