Denoiser Artifacts


I’m having some problems to use IADenoiser in my renderer. As you can see in the image, some bright areas is replaced by this artifacts. My render only work with LDR (float3) output and I used Color and Albedo as input maps. All channels was clamped to [0.0, 1.0]

Someone have an idea what can be wrong?

Driver: 456.71
GPU: Geforce GTX 1060
CUDA Toolkit 10.1



Hi @degadens, welcome!

Which version of OptiX are you using?

Are your output channels also being clamped? Just based on the images, I’m guessing, but it looks to me like the artifacts are sprinkled on pixels that probably went above 1.0. I’m guessing some channels in the output have cycled around to 0.0.

One thing you can try is to save your input images (beauty, normal, albedo) to files and run them on the optixDenoiser SDK sample. If that also demonstrates the artifacts then you could send us the images and we can track down the bug. If it doesn’t show the artifacts, then you have the source for both and you can work backwards from the output to find the differences between them.


Hi dhart,

I use Optix 7.2.0

You are right, I did not clamped the output. All is perfect now

Thank you for the fast help,

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