Denoising Image/Frame Sequence

Hi Green Team,

I just ran the Video Denoiser sample. Now I am trying to use the same approach but using an Image/Frame Sequence.
In other words, instead of using H264 videos, use something like this:

cv::VideoCapture reader;"noisy_%03d.png");
for (frameNum = 0;; frameNum++) {
//Here run denoiser per Image/Frame

But, when I try to transfer Images/Frames to the GPU using:

BAIL_IF_ERR(vfxErr = NvCVImage_Transfer(&_srcVFX, &_srcGpuBuf, 1.f / 255.f, stream, &_tmpVFX));

the program stops executing without leaving any log or error.

Is it possible to use Video Denoiser in Image/Frame sequences?

Note: I don’t want to use the same approach as Image Denoiser due to, as documentation suggests:

“…for better denoising results, we recommend that you apply this filter only on videos…”