Dental education in germany

Hello everybody,
I am currently establishing a Training Center for Dentistry and Dental Technology in Remscheid, Germany. Our focus is on the digitization of the dental environment. We decided to buy a Grid Server for our training with an NVIDIA Tesla m10 graphics card. We want to work with virtual machines (Citrix, Xen Desktops) to enable the dental CAD applications according to the “bring your own” principle. We are a profit company, but also a start up. No one has implemented this kind of training environment here. My question is, if there is support for NVIDIA projects and who can I turn to? I believe that the VDI environment will be the new way for laboratories and practices to provide the dental CAD environment. We do not want to sell any machines but develop these projects. Our investments were already quite high for the physical server with the graphics card. But there are still the license fees for the grid - are there any benefits for training companies?
Thanks for all the information!
Peter Blattner